Warren Buffett says Berkshire is reversing course on airlines In Shanghai, Tesla to build 4,000 Model 3s/week by mid-2020 Българка събира световни светила в инвестициите в oнлайн събитие China’s ‘rice bowls’ cracking as big home appliance maker speeds up job cuts Българският бизнес и бизнесът на ОАЕ се обединяват в борбата срещу коронавируса Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive US eyes new outbreaks as infections worldwide top 575,000 World Health Organization believes it’s too early to introduce STRICT quarantine in Russia, Kremlin agrees

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Основните цели на Българският бизнес клуб са :

-да подпомага установяването и развитието на българския бизнес в България, Великобритания и по света

-да спомага за установяване на бизнес контакти между български, британски и чуждестранни фирми и партньори

-да представя новостите в бизнеса в България, Великобритания и по света

-да установява контакти, способстващи привличането на инвестиции в България и Великобритания

-да популяризира работещи в България и Великобритания и по света бизнес модели

-да популяризира във Великобритания и по света българския бизнес, култура и духовност.

Дейността на клуба се осъществява чрез реализиране на различни проекти, медийни партньорства и спонсорство, поотделно и заедно с други правителствени и неправителствени организации, фондации, фирми и частни лица.

Дейността на клуба се организира и ръководи от двамата Председатели, подпомаган от Директорите.

Българския бизнес клуб финансира и подпомага дейността на BG Media London – Медията на българите в Лондон.

The Bulgarian Business Club ( BBC) is created 19th November 2008 in London by its members, for its members.

The main aim of the club is to develop and maintain a dynamic atmosphere, where the members can meet, contact each other, create and exchange ideas and develop business opportunities.

The club is an active organisation, encouraging its members to participate regularly and directly in the management as well as with other ideas and innovations.

Every member is actively encouraged to participate in the club’s activities and to participate with ideas and mentoring to new members.

The members are Bulgarian and British firms and individuals based in both countries, which would like to explore new markets through new channels and with new partners.

The members have access to our partners who offer legal, accounting and business consultancy services at competitive prices. In addition, the members can benefit other offers, website listing, job listing and recruitment, access to monthly meetings, yearly gala dinner, connections to other organisations, clubs etc.

The club aims to promote the business of its members via various advertising partnerships in different media, exhibitions, seminars.

BBC is embarking the idea of promoting the Bulgarian culture and talent in the UK, which we consider inseparable and essential for the preservation of Bulgarian spirit

The editorial staff of Bulgarian Business Club would like to give all of its readers from Bulgaria and the whole world the opportunity to participate actively in the development of the website! If you have something interesting, fun, scandalous - just something worth to be seen from more people. Capture it and share it in the Bulgarian Business Club with a short text.

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